Diachronic and Iridescent Glass Pieces
Throughout time, artists have always been drawn to how light plays upon surfaces and how to capture that light on a canvas.  Like many artists that have come before me, I too have been drawn to the play of light in our world.  For me, the medium of glass is where light does some of its most magical miracles.  I look at glass more like a painter looks at oils, as a medium to use in executing a picture. My wall pieces consist of diachronic and iridescent glass fused together in layers to bring depth and brilliance.  I play with both positive and negative space as well as multiple depths and layers of the glass.  What occurs on the top layer can reveal a more complex design on the bottom layer.

Painted Abstracts Pieces
I have recently introduced a new series of glass pieces where I am using glass as a canvas. I paint directly onto the glass using special medium of colored clay bodies that can withstand the extreme kiln temperatures. The color is then fused between two pieces of glass and fired at high temperatures in a glass kiln. I like to use multiple layers of glass to create more depth and interest to the pieces. These pieces are mounted on frosted mirror and are designed to be hung without a frame.